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Universal Sanitation Services

A sanitation worker has a dirty job, but it's one that most communities can't live without. Our sanitation workers make sure neighborhoods, streets, and public areas stay clean, and we dispose of trash in safe, effective, and environmentally friendly ways. As a full-service sanitation company, Universal Sanitation in Seneca, South Carolina, provide scheduled trash pick-ups for residential and commercial locations. Along with our property maintenance services, we offer our customers environmentally safe transporting and disposal of various materials.

Curbside Pick-Up

Enjoy the convenience of curbside waste removal services. Universal Sanitation has created a weekly schedule that's divided by regions and streets. We offer a wide variety of curbside residential pickup services, making it easy for our customers to discard waste from home. For various household items, request a bulk waste pickup. Need to get rid of it? We'll pick it up!

96 Gallon Trash Container

For your convenience, and at no additional cost Universal Sanitation will provide a 96 gallon trash container. No more dragging bags or cans to the alley or curb. Our carts have tight fitting lids so debris can’t get out and animals can’t get in. Our carts give the added benefits of improved community safety, appearance, and collection efficiency. Our new trash carts will reduce illegal dumping in alleys or roadways and will keep neighborhoods clean. 

Commercial Grade Garbage Truck

Universal Sanitation uses commercial grade garbage trucks to carry out our services. We are not your average guys in a pick up truck with no identification of company ownership. All of our trucks are labeled for advertisement and identification, so the neighborhoods will know what services are being performed.

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non recyclable trash once each week