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Building and Ground Maintenance

Reliable Cleaning, Outdoor Care, and Demolition Services

Universal Services 101 serves Seneca, South Carolina, as well as surrounding counties, with a wide range of building and grounds care for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. From handyman repairs to post-construction cleanup, we offer a full range of maintenance services. Let our team manage your building or supply you with cleaning tips.

Building Maintenance

As building maintenance experts, we possess a variety of skills encompassing most of the construction trades. Hire us to clean your public restrooms, to spruce up your home before moving in or out, to repair your roof or clean out your gutters. We can also fix leaky pipes and clean up the mess they caused after. Our maintenance workers might paint the lobby one day, fix a broken garbage disposal the next morning and replace a faucet later in the day. Facilities require a certain amount of upkeep to look their best, maintain a safe environment and serve their intended function. Our building maintenance workers conduct regular inspections to determine areas that need attention and then perform the tasks. The job might involve replacing a worn doorknob, oiling a squeaky hinge or replacing a damaged floorboard. We might inspect for burned-out light bulbs and replace them, change the filters in the air conditioning system or replace hard-to-operate locks. Our building maintenance workers handle repairs that require basic skills as an electrician, carpenter, plumber, mechanic, painter, HVAC technician and roofer. Our expert building maintenance services also include certain cleaning duties. These typically fall into two categories. The first is general cleaning on an as-needed basis. For example, if a water pipe bursts, our maintenance workers might need to clean the area after making the repair, or the maintenance worker might be expected to pick up litter or clean an area if he sees the need. The second category involves heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as shampooing carpets, waxing floors or cleaning hard-to-reach light fixtures. Whatever the job may be, big or small, allow our team to service your needs. You can call on us 24/7.

Ground Maintenance

Universal Services 101 grounds maintenance workers provide a pleasant outdoor environment by ensuring that the grounds of houses, businesses, and parks are attractive, orderly, and healthy. Our team of ground maintenance workers are self-motivated and are capable of doing physically strenuous labor for long hours occasionally in extreme heat or cold. Some of our services include: Mow, edge, and fertilize lawns; Weed and mulch landscapes; Trim hedges, shrubs, and small trees; Remove dead, damaged, or unwanted trees or limbs that are posing a danger; Plant flowers, trees, and shrubs; Water lawns, landscapes, and gardens; Shovel snow from walkways and sprinkle ice down to keep people from falling; Perform routine maintenance duties such as applying plaster, fixing fountains, and other duties; Sweep walkway of debris; Pull weeds; Install lawn furniture; Rake, mulch, and prune the grounds as needed; Install rock, cement, lighting, water, and furniture. Let our experienced team customize a maintenance program for your facility. We understand that the cleanliness of your workplace is related to the performance of your employees. In addition to serving companies in South Carolina, we have also built a reputation for providing quality results for owners and managers in Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama. Along with our standard cleaning and handyman services, we also provide property preservation—keeping vacant properties safe and secure.


Pressure/Power Washing

In addition to your building and ground maintenance, our team can provide you with professional pressure washing services. By power washing your deck, siding, driveway, and other exterior areas around your home, we can quickly and effectively remove built-up dirt, sediment, and other debris. This not only helps the areas look beautiful, but it can also reduce wear and tear by getting rid of mold, algae, chalk, insects, weeds, and more. Such build-up will, over time, break down and cause damage to wood, masonry and degrade paint stains. We can make your home or business more sanitary for children and remove stains from your property, drive and walkways. Our attention to detail will make your property clean and bright.


Universal Services 101 demolition workers can bring down old buildings while making sure no one gets hurt and no other structure is affected. Our team is experience in planning demolitions, making sure safety regulations are followed, removing debris, operating heavy equipment, and saving material for reuse. With teamwork our demolition operatives dismantle structures and buildings, remove hazardous materials, and carry out salvage operations.

Commercial Building

Disaster Relief and Recovery Services

Universal Services 101 specialize in the process of responding to a catastrophic situation, providing relief aid to families and communities who have suffered from some form of disaster. The process involves dealing with and avoiding risks and preparing, supporting, and rebuilding society when natural or human-made disasters occur. In an effort to avoid or limit the impact of disasters, any emergency management is the continuous process by which all individuals, groups, and communities manage all hazards.

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